The Drop...

This Saturday morning I woke up feeling even more off balance than usual...and in more pain than usual. I thought to myself, "Maybe he dropped." And then I thought to myself, "He's so low. The only place he could possibly drop would be out!!" Wrong. He dropped. And now, it's near impossible to close my legs together without feeling a lot of pain. J and his sister both noticed a difference in the way I'm carrying him too.

But...despite the pain and the bigger waddle, this has got me super excited. It just means one step closer till I get to hold this little guy in my arms. I've been super impatient lately. One of my best friends, my pregnancy buddy, had her baby last week on Thursday. I got to spend a lengthy amount of time with them in the hospital and when I left, my face was sore from smiling so much! The happiness they radiated just was so contagious and I just couldn't help but imagine what it will be like to be in their shoes. Holding her little baby boy was just amazing. We got to go over to their house on Friday night too and I got to cuddle him for a good chunk of time. O man. The best. I seriously am bursting at the seams with excitement for the day when I can finally hold my baby.

He is moving around a lot more. Probably feeling pretty cramped at this point. I feel bad for the little guy. I keep telling him to come when he's ready (but to be ready sooner rather than later), but J keeps telling him to come when the crib is done. J has been frantically working on it lately trying to catch up from the time we lost during the move. He has a section of rail put together and it looks amazing!!! He said about 10 more hours of work should do it. I can't wait to show everyone the pictures. My husband is awesome. I think I am going to make the crib sheets and attempt a crib skirt and possibly a canopy...not sure about the canopy. Hopefully that will keep me busy enough till he comes. This sitting and waiting business just doesn't fly well with me.

So I'm off to find more projects to do...first one? Mop the floor. The brand new bottle of cranberry juice fell of the counter and splattered all over the floor on Saturday night. I've mopped it 3 times with a regular mop and it's still sticky. So today we are attempting it with a rag. Wish me luck.


All My Bags Are Packed...

But not quite ready to go, if ya know what I mean. He still has a little more time to bake in there I think. Here is the hospital bag and various pillows complete with the last minute packing/reminder list:

I can't believe that I seriously only have about 3 weeks left till d-day and who knows how long till the baby actually decides to come. Could be tomorrow (yikes!)...could be a month or so from now, but wow. My baby is almost here. You know how when you plan and plan for this big vacation, but it doesn't feel like you will really go until you are on the plane flying to your destination? That's how this feels. Even though I know he can't stay in there forever, it just doesn't feel like he will ever come out.

I am still doing great with my pregnancy. I still love it. I waddle, I ache, I swell, I get heartburn frequently now, I feel like my bladder is going to explode at least 10 times a day, and it's totally worth it. I wouldn't trade these 9 months, good and bad for anything...except my baby, which was the original deal to begin with anyways.

I have no idea whether he will come early or late now. In the beginning I was convinced he was going to come late. Toward the middle, my Mom pretty much had me convinced that he would be early (she was early with all three of us kids). Now? No clue. I hope he comes when he is ready (and maybe I hope a little bit that he will be ready earlier than later). The hardest part about waiting right now is that I am SO anxious to see what he looks like! I want to hold him and cuddle him. I want to see his eyes and I want to see if he has his daddy's nose (I think he does). I want to see if he has my little butt chin and I want to see if he has my lips. I am 95% certain he is going to have a big head with lots of thick, dark hair...but the 5% I am unsure about is killing me.

I am a mother. I am going to have a baby. I keep telling myself that trying to make it sink in. I think the only thing that will really make it real is when I am holding my sweet little guy in my arms and crying from the sheer joy of seeing him. I can't wait.

*Please don't pay attention to the cheesy expression...the purpose of this is to show the bulkiness of the baby belly. Focus on the belly.

The New Digs...

We are moved in!!! (Mostly.) It's not all completely put together yet, but the majority of it is in place and lookin' pretty good if I do say so myself.

We LOVE the house. It is just perfect for us. Here is a little photo tour:

Entry Way--we put the french doors in...that used to be just an open space, but we figured with a baby on the way we needed to make the office have doors to block out some of the noise.

Here is where we work: The Office

Love this picture! Hahaha

The living room (complete with cute puppies)

The other view of the living room
The dining table

The kitchen (LOVE)

The hallway leading to the other bedrooms

The man cave (we got the cabinets put in...J is in heaven)

The laundry room with cabinets!!! I do laundry now! :)

The guest bedroom (still needs lots of work)

The nursery...and my big comfy chair! Woo hoo!

The crib is going to go where the play yard is, but for now that's where that goes. The decorations aren't done so when it's all done I'll do a nursery post.

The master bath!

The shower (Why does this excite me? Two seats in the shower...yes.)

The master bedroom...I was scared about the color when we picked it, but I LOVE it. It's awesome. The sleeping bag is going to go.

The bed. We are going to get a real bed frame soon so it won't be so dang tall and these beds are going to be in the guest room.

Another good bonus of this house is we have trained the dogs to stay out of the master bed and bath, the den, the kitchen, the nursery, the laundry room, the guest bath, and the guest room. Our house is going to be relatively dog hair free!

The backyard has grass and the front yard has grass! I am in heaven (when I am inside looking out and not the other way around...it's still too hot).

Moss by Mosswest 2010

This year for the Moss reunion we went to Oregon at Kylene and Brian's new house. We had a lot of fun, but it was so filled with activities that I was definitely ready to be home by the time we were done.

First day we went to the Portland Japanese Garden and the International Rose Test Garden. After that we went back to the house for a BBQ and a movie later that night.

The next day we went to Cannon Beach and on the way there we stopped for breakfast at Camp 18. My life has been altered forever. We had the best hot chocolate there. I've never tasted anything like it. The best way to describe it is it tasted like liquid brownies with whip cream, but not just any brownies, the best brownies you've ever tasted in your life. Mmmmmmmmmm. So good. The beach was pretty foggy and the water was freezing but we had a good time. J and his brother and various other people built a pretty sweet sand castle. We then stopped for dinner and went to Seaside to get some ice cream then headed home.

The next day we had brunch, did some crafts, and played Moss Minute to Win It...I was the official videographer and boy was that hilarious. Once I can get on J's computer I'll have to post a couple of my favorites. That night we went to movie in the park and watched Princess Bride. Would've been a blast under non-pregnant circumstances, but being big and pregnant it wasn't the most comfortable evening of my life. After that on our way home, my sweet brother in law, Brian, drove around to find me a bathroom that was open that late at night. Thank goodness he found Safeway...would've been an interesting ride home.

The next day everyone but J and me left and so we got to just relax and hang out with Brian and Kylene. Then Sunday we went home!

Favorite part? My angel of a mother in law gave me a foot bath complete with a massage. Heavenly.

Thanks for the wonderful time guys! :D


Maternity Pictures

I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends! I started teaching piano to Nichole and her daughter last year and during Nichole's lessons, we would do some piano, and then we'd talk. We got really close through those lessons. From the beginning the deal was that I would trade her piano lessons for maternity pictures when I got pregnant (I wasn't at the time). I got the much better end of the deal (we did do a lot of talking during a lot of those lessons). After I told her I was pregnant she was so thrilled and she wanted to see what I thought about her doing birth pictures for me as well. I loved the idea. So along with maternity pictures, she is also going to do birth pictures at the hospital when my little man is born. How awesome is she?! (Check her out at itsmylifephotography.com)
After we got back from Montana and right before we left for Oregon we set up the day for pictures. It ended up raining that day, but the pictures turned out wonderful all the same and I am so grateful for Nichole and her talent. Love you girl! :)

P.S. These were taken when I was 33 weeks.

Trip to Montana in July

The allure of Montana in the summer was just too much to resist. We decided we had to go. I am so glad we were able to and it provided for a very crazy next few weeks, but we survived!We got in on Saturday night and spent the next day doing the church and family dinner thing. Monday we went out with my parents to Logan Creek and got in the fr-r-r-eezing water Seriously...I thought the cold would freeze my baby, but it didn't phase him at all. I think he is definitely a Montana boy at heart...or it was the several layers of fat that were protecting him from the cold. It felt SO good. The guys fished and Mom and I ate (how much better could it get, really). Then we went to see a movie and just hung out for the rest of the night.

Tuesday we went to breakfast with my Grandpa, Uncle, and Mom and then we went floating on Flathead River with J's little brother and his friends. Again...fr-r-r-eezing, but enjoyable all the same. We were doing really great and moving at the perfect speed when we came to a fork in the river and got separated from half the group. Then...came the slow spot. I mean way slow...like it took us an hour and half to get around one bend. Not a good thing to happen to a pregnant lady in a not so comfy inner tube. We still hadn't been able to connect up with the other half of the group, so taking that into account and my immense discomfort, we decided to get out on the side, find a road, and call for a ride. We got out and tried to figure out where we were while trekking through a dirt field to get to the closest road. Soaking wet and walking in dirt makes for really hard walking conditions when you're 7 months pregnant. Then, to top it off, we got attacked by a HUGE swarm of mosquitoes. They ate me alive. For real. I couldn't swat them off fast enough and I couldn't waddle away fast enough (this would've been the best thing to watch for a third party observer). J was getting attacked too and told me to run. Ha. Really? Who did he think he was kidding?? Me? Run? Funny...or not. He ran...and left me to be eaten some more. We finally got to the road where the mosquitoes were still attacking us, but in less numbers. With blood and mosquitoes smeared all over my arms, we walked down the road and called J's parents. Luckily we were able to describe where we were and they came and got us. The next day I surveyed the bite damage and found that it looked like I had chicken pox. The story is funny now, but then. Not so funny.

The next day my Mom and Mom #2 threw me a baby shower with the help of some dear friends of mine (way fun baby shower game girls)! I got SO many cute and wonderful things. My boy definitely has plenty of adorable clothes and blankets. Thanks everyone for making it so awesome (especially you Mom and Terry!). Here are some pictures from the shower:

My beautiful Mom #2

Uncle Mel and Aunt JoAnn (Thanks for taking these pictures Aunt Jo!)

The food table! :)

Butt flap pjs (how awesome), and some cute onesies from my Mom #2

Mo Jo and Linz Pinz (Mo is due in November with her second boy. So excited my little boy will have a cousin his age!)

Grandma Char, Grandma Jewel, Aunt Judy, and Linda

My beautiful Mom

An awesome quilt I got from Sis. Galloway

Thursday I hung out with my Mom some more and Friday we hung out with J's parents! We went to Arts in the Park and looked at all the cool booths. Then we drove by Rebecca Farms to watch the horse jumping competition. We had to be on our way, you see, because we were headed to go see Inception. After the movie, we went to dinner with Taylor (J's little brother) and his girlfriend Mary at Alley Connection and then we went and hung out at the house.

We left Sunday during church and it was so hard to say good bye...I guess it's always hard to say good bye.

We had so much fun though and can't wait to go back with our Baby Boy for Christmas!