Four Months (well 4 months and 11 days)...

We went to see the good doctor yesterday and here are the stats:

Weight: 14 lbs. 5 oz., 25th percentile
Height: 25 inches, 45th percentile
Head: 16 inches, 10th percentile

I was a little shocked to say the least.  His head is only in the 10th percentile?!  I thought this kid had a good size melon.  How could he not with a dad and a mom like us??  But, these are the facts.  He sleeps on his side or his stomach most every night.  Occasionally, I will wake up to a very angry baby who can't flip back over onto his back (still working on belly to back).  It provides a pretty good chuckle at 4 in the morning.  He has a favorite toy.  Gramama Kim and Papa Chris got him a stuffed animal monkey for Christmas.  Dad named him Magilla...and Jake LOVES to play with Magilla.  His eyes light up every time he sees that thing.  But I have a sneaking suspicion Jake thinks of him as more of an arch enemy.  He wrestles with him and bites him, but, I can tell he definitely thinks of him as a worthy foe.  Video of that to come later.  Too cute.

O and one more thing:
Handsomeness: Extreme, 100th percentile
All dressed in Sunday best

We are trying to teach this boy from an early age:  Just say no to crack...

Apparently, our lessons aren't sticking...

A Hike in the Desert...

Saturday we went hiking up by Tortilla Creek.  Our goal was to make it to Peter's Cave in Peter Canyon, but...a grumpy, teething baby caused us to turn back.  I am definitely not a desert girl--I am fairly sure I am incapable of finding the beauty in cactus, poky bushes, and radioactive green water.  But, it was nice and relaxing to spend a day outdoors with my two favorite boys. 

The best view in the world.