Since February (Part 2)...


Total labor: 5 hours 5 minutes  Total Pushing: 5-6 minutes

Zachary Calvin Moss, 5.5.12, 6:08 am, 7#7 oz, 20.5 inches long.  As you can see, this kid has some lungs on him.

I could just eat those pudgy cheeks.  So adorable!

Tiny hands.  So precious.

Proud, delirious mama of two sweet boys.

Z with cousin Audrey.  My in-laws came into town the day before Z was born for my sister in law's sealing so all of Jason's immediately family was able to be here for about a week after he was born.  Perfect timing!

Look at all that black hair!  Totally different from when Jake was born.
Jake loves his Baby Z.  He gives him kisses all the time.  He tries to share toys with Z too, and gets a little frustrated when Z doesn't respond and take the toy ha ha

Very attentive.  If Z drops his binky, Jake will pick it up and try to put it back in his mouth.  If Z is crying, Jake will say, "Eee's sahhd," and make the sign for crying.

Had to add pictures of this little munchkin...

Love me that cheese!

Lookin' a little mischevious there...

Me and my little men.

Baby Z's first bath.  He loved it.  Super relaxed...so relaxed in fact, he pooped!  Never had a baby poop in the tub before.  Luckily, it was the great newborn poop. :)

I got out the camera to take pictures of Z in his first bath and Jake immediately starts laughing and smiling.  Had to get pictures of him since he thought I was taking pictures of him in the first place. :)

Almost asleep.


My sleepy baby.

Reading with Jake on Mother's Day.  He is the sweetest little boy ever.  He made me a flower out of his hand shape yesterday in nursery.  I almost cried when he came running in the house to give it to me.  He is growing up too fast.

And this one isn't growing any slower either.  Already 9 days.  Where does the time go??

Since February...

We celebrated Valentine's Day with this little dude...
Got dirty while...

prepping the hole in our backyard for our future garden!

All the while, enjoying nice wheel barrow rides.

We stared at this cute face...

and giggled with glee at his wardrobe choices.

We observed owls from our back patio...

and came up with fun new hat ideas.

Jake went on his first Scout hike with J...

and fell in love with drinking out of the Camelback pack.

We did some nesting...OK, a lot of nesting.

And planted a garden!  Complete with potatoes (not seen yet), jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, zucchini, and watermelon (also not seen yet).

Watched as Jason's vine blew up and sprouted these beauties (now much bigger).

Had our first campout in the backyard.

I am just going to die of cuteness looking at that face...

for real.

We didn't last all night because my 8-month pregnant body couldn't handle the sleeping arrangements.  Jake did fantastic though and I am excited for some more camping this summer.

Jason had a birthday!  Look at that awesome mini-mud pie his wife made him...

that is one lucky dude. :)

AND WE...to be continued...


Bi-Monthly Visits

We've hit the point in this pregnancy where I now go to see my midwives every two weeks.  Where did the time go??  Although I know it's flying by, I am at the phase where I feel like I will be pregnant forever--the "this is my body now and I will waddle until the day I die" feeling.  I am doing really good right now though, so it's also not a bad thing to feel like that...until I get up for the 4th time in the middle of the night having to pee. 

Baby boy is kickin', punchin', and swipin' his way around in there...it puts a smile on my face every time.  Jake is fascinated with my belly.  He lifts up my shirt all the time to poke it and I'll say, "Say hi to little brother, Jake!" And he just shakes his head.  He doesn't get it yet, but I am very confident he will be all over it when the baby does come.  He is such a good helper.  He loves to help me around the house with laundry and whatever cleaning I am doing.  I know he will be eager to help when his little brother makes his appearance.

Nesting has hit and I couldn't be happier.  I have a few (ok...like a zillion) items on my to-do list before the baby comes and getting in this nesting mode has helped me cross quite a few off my list.

The weather has been gorgeous lately, so we have been outside on the bike nearly every day for the past week or so.  Jake loves the seat we put on my bike and always loves to go for a bike ride.  We've gone to the park a few times and on Saturday we went hiking at a state park near by and plan on going again tomorrow.  It feels so good to be able to get off the couch and get out and enjoy myself and to work my body and to get a tan...hopefully I will be less pasty by the time this baby comes.

Jake is such a little boy.  He loves playing outside and getting in the dirt.  He loves playing with his dump truck, motorcycles, and cars.  He is busy, busy, busy, but he is still the best sleeper and I thank God every day for that.  I have not felt sleep deprived this pregnancy which I know is a huge blessing.
Here are some pictures!

Halloween 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

January 2012

Loves to play in the dirt