Beaters From Heaven...

These little babies made me really happy today.  With the help of these now multi-purpose tools, Jake was occupied through 70% of dinner time which meant I was able to eat about 70% of my dinner without interruption.  Aaaaah. Bliss.


The Little Things...

In an attempt to keep somewhat of a "Tender Mercies" journal (as I enjoy so many tender mercies), every day for the next 30 days I am going to try and post something that made me happy that day. 

One big thing that has been on my mind a lot that I am immensely grateful for and makes me smile every day:

Families. Are. Forever.

My brother's 8 year "death anniversary" (how do you say that???) came and went this year on August 9th.  I can't believe that 8 years has passed since I have seen him.  I tried remembering his voice the other day and after much fishing around up there, I finally caught a snippet of sound.  Ouch.  That hurt.  Time can be cruel sometimes.  I am so grateful to know that not only will I see him again but that we will be sealed together forever because my parents made that righteous decision, and not only that, but I will be able to have my family together with me forever: my husband.  My son.  How grateful for I am for that tender mercy and God's great plan of happiness.

Miss you, Ty.