Horrid Blogger

That would sum me up.  I am extremely inconsistent and inattentive to this blog o' mine.  Sorry folks, I just wasn't cut out for this blogging world.  You take what you can get, right??
Nothing really exciting going on in my life, other than a few fun events, that doesn't pertain to my handsome little boy; (Who is so much more little boy than baby these days.  If I had to assign a ratio, I'd say 75% little boy, and 25% baby.) therefore, this update will mainly be about Jake, and I will work on other posts about fun stuff that's been going on.  I think the easiest and quickest way to do this will be bullet points (Jake probably has about 20 minutes of nap time left...we gotta get a move on):
  • Jake has a total of 3 teeth on the bottom row now and is going to cut more very soon...he is just in cranky teether mode so it's gotta be soon (please let it be soon!!!)
  • He crawls all over, but he still loves to army crawl more so when he feels like he needs to go fast (e.g. when I see him heading towards the dog food and tell him to stop) he drops to his belly and army crawls on over.  That boy can move!
  • He loves to walk by hanging on to our hands.  He has recently taken to more of a running pace.
  • Jake "cruises" all over and pulls himself up onto everything.  He is also figuring out how to climb on things.  Unfortunately, he hasn't yet grasped the concept of gravity so he has taken quite a few spills.  I am very grateful I am not overly protective and am okay with him taking a few tumbles every now and then.
  • He says "Mama (!!!)," "Dada" and "dah-dah-dah-" (dog) while signing "dog."
  • Jake loves to feed the puppies from his high chair and every time he does, he looks up at me like, "I wasn't doin' anything...not me..."  
  • He has the funniest mischevious grin that gives me.  I know it means trouble, but I can't help but laugh every time he flashes that grin.
  • He is the biggest flirt and has tons of little girlfriends at church.  He talks to them, and smiles at them, and they hold hands.  It's hilarious.  My little Cassanova.
  • He is slowly growing out of his "just Mom" stage but he still prefers me if he is super tired or if he has taken one of his little tumbles.
  • We took him to the Dr. for his 9 month check up and he weighs 17.9 lbs., is 28 1/2 inches long, and his head is 17 1/2 around.  I was explaining to the Doc about Jake waking up in the middle of the night 2 or 3 times a week and just screaming and being totally unresponsive to anything I do for about a half hour.  He told me he suspected night terrors and what to do about it.  He suggested we wake him up about 15 minutes before they usually occur to break the sleep cycle.  Jason and I have loved doing this.  We get to try and wake him up from a dead sleep, which means he is much more cuddly than he usually is.  His head lolls around and his eyes roll in the back of his head trying to sleep while we try and get him to wake up.  It is so adorable and we are going to be very sad when we don't have to do it anymore.  It has been working though and he hasn't had one in a couple of days.  Let's hope it keeps working.
Other than just him being his cute little handsome self, that about sums up what's been going on in his world.

Here are some pictures of the little guy and all the fun we've been having lately:
(Forgive the excess of pictures...it's too hard to choose just one...)

Signing Time with Riley

J's birthday, April 29th

Playin' in the pool outside

J experimenting with water...

Too much!  Too much!

He is ok as long as he can chew on something.

In his Dad's old suit :)

Jason is the best dad ever...he just couldn't be more thrilled about his little boy

Skyping with Gramama Kim and Papa Chris.  I got him to look by holding my paper holder above the web cam.  haha

Hangin' out while I cook

First time in any kind of swing

Very relaxing for him.  He kept nodding off and then waking himself up with a jerk.  Hilarious.

Wearing his Mom's sunglasses haha

Eating at Gramama Kim's house.

Asleep in the car in Montana

Next Purina Dog Chow spokesperson??  I think so.