Newborn Shots

My friend, Nichole with It's My Life Photography, is so dang awesome.  She did my maternity shots and also took newborn shots of Jake when he was 2 weeks old.  Here are some of my favorite.  (These are all copyrighted and cannot be copied or borrowed.  Thanks!)

More CUTE pictures!

Because who wouldn't want to look at the cutest baby in the world?!

Love these moments.

A lady in our home ward made him this hat.  I absolutely LOVE it. 

Finally got some smiles on camera!  Usually he won't smile for the camera, but he was extra happy this day!

Love this one.  So sweet. (If you look at the next 3 pictures fast-ish, he kinda looks like he is dancing! haha)

He stands up all the time.  He loves it.  Most of the time you just have to balance him and he does the rest.  He has got some strong little legs...just like his daddy.

Jake's Blessing Day

That morning was CRAZY!  I started feeding Jake about 20 minutes before we had to leave because he usually doesn't eat more than 15 minutes in the morning.  He was experiencing a growth spurt however and ended up eating for 40 minutes!!!  We got there just as they were finishing the opening hymn.  Needless to say, I was a little stressed out.  But wow.  What a tender experience it was to see my husband take our son in his arms and give him a blessing.  It was the most beautiful blessing I've ever heard and I will treasure that precious memory forever.

My little man.
Gramama Kim knitted him his blessing blanket.  It's so special.

Our forever family.
3 generations of handsome Moss men.

Had to include this picture.  J had changed into regular clothes and I made him change back into church clothes...but he decided to not change his pants.  Haha

Meeting the Grandparents

My parents got to come to visit on Halloween and stayed till November 4th.  This is their first grandchild and it was so awesome to be able to see them interact with Jake.  I knew my Mom would go ga-ga over him.  She hopped into the truck at the airport and just immediately zoned in on him.  I told dad that I thought we had lost her for the rest of the week!  My dad also went ga-ga over him.  He took pictures like crazy and brought him all kinds of gifts.  It made me that much more grateful for my awesome parents now that they are awesome grandparents too.
How is she a grandma?!  She looks like she could be my older sister!

Playin' with Gramama Kim

I tried sharing the best I could...but there were still moments I had to steal him for myself.

They match!
Jake looks SO MUCH like my dad.  It was so evident while Dad was here.  I would look over at him and he would have a certain look on his face and I would just feel like I was looking at Jake!

So cute.

The day my parents left, my in-laws came into town!  Jake was being blessed that Sunday so they were able to come for that.  My sister-in-law and her family were also able to come into town for the blessing, but I didn't get any pictures! :(  (If anyone has any...I would love them!  )  It was so awesome to have everyone in town and for Jake to meet some of his cousins.  He just loved looking at them!
Nap time with Grandpa Kim
Grandpa Kim and Grandma Terry with Jake on his blessing day.  Grandma Terry was such a HUGE help with the lunch we had after the blessing (thank you so much!!!).

Bath time with Grandma Terry!  (It's no wonder Jake is so cute...he's got some good lookin' grandmas!)


O I just love Halloween and I was so excited to dress Jake up this year.  Here are a few pictures from our holiday:

Ok...fruit salsa and cinnamon tortilla chips.  Best ever.  Mmmmm....my mouth is watering.
Hahaha Mummy dogs! 
Jason didn't want to join in on our family costume...so I gave him a black eye and he went as a boxer. ;)
Jake sushi.  Mmmm mmm mmm.

He wasn't happy about the idea of being eaten...

So I assured him we weren't going to and he calmed down right away.

Soy sauce and sushi! :D

We ended up having some friends over for the holiday.  The decorations and food are for that.  I had a lot of fun with the food and it was great to just relax and hang out.