Alaska Part 1...and a Little Sentimentality From a First Time Mom.

ALASKA.  We got back Sunday and were wiped out (I am still wiped out, but had to start this or it would never happen).  We left from Seattle on our cruise and "cruised" (you don't say "sailed" do you?) to Juneau, then down to Skagway, then we went through Glacier Bay National Park, then Ketchikan, and the last stop before returning to Seattle was Victoria, B.C.  I am only doing these pictures tonight because my computer is being stupid and my patience today has been used up by a less than happy baby. :)  I will keep blogging until we get through all the pictures though!  Don't worry, you won't miss a thing. ;)

Gramama Kim went with us to watch Jake and she had so much fun with "Nakey Jakey" :D  We were very happy to have her with us!

Happy Feet!  He was the best baby ever on this trip.  Slept like a champ, napped like a champ, and ate like a...you guessed it, pig. ;)

Some islands on the way to Juneau.  The pictures really don't do these justice. :(

"What's your angle, boy?"

So cute!!! There will be many, many pictures of this little guy!  I just couldn't get enough of his cuteness!

For. REAL.  How much cuter could you get??

{Heart is melting}

Me and my lover

So everything on the ship was basically saying we were in Nassau.  (^Case in point.)  I think they were very confused.  The pool was even outside and it wasn't heated....that was a big bummer.  Who wants to go swimming when it's 35 degrees outside and the water is fr-fr-fr-freezing??

So precious.

Juneau.  They had flags flying everywhere.  I loved it.

Juneau from now on...until otherwise noted. :)

The salmon were spawning around this time, and after they spawn, they die.  So the areas around water smelled disgusting and you could see dead, rotting fish everywhere.  That was pretty gross.

The town was built up into the mountains and it was a super steep mountain.

This one's for you, Kylene!  Sarah Palin. :D

Sidewalk chalk.  I thought the face was cool...never seen sidewalk chalk so detailed.

Mural on a government building.  We were showing our friends these pictures and one of them asked, "Is that guy naked?"  To which J quickly replied, "You would be too if you were coming out of an oyster shell."  Ha ha ha

Beautiful fall colors

This sums up the Alaska pictures for tonight.  There will be much more of Juneau, but I am not feeling well and I wanted to write a quick sentimental note.

One year ago today, I was in labor...the most painful, gratifying, and spiritual experience of my life.  It's crazy to think that it's been a year and that baby that I birthed September 21st, 2010 at 2:18 a.m. is now more little boy than baby, who walks, talks, signs, gives hugs, blows kisses, and tries to escape through the dog door any chance he gets.  I am so blessed to be a mother and thinking about those beautiful moments when I touched his head and held him close to my "outside body" for the first time brings tears to my eyes.  Being a mom is the best gift that Heavenly Father has ever given me and even on days when I am ready to pull my hair out with frustration and exhaustion, I am filled with an inner peace that cannot be extinguished because of this blessed gift. 

I love you to the moon and back, Jake.


Guessing Game...

Guess why I am going to be one happy girl in less than 4 days.  Here are the clues:

This +  

This =



Happiness Is...

Taking an afternoon snooze with Dad.
Getting to play with the remote!

Figuring out how to move a shoe box to be able to get up on the TV stand.

Eating cherries "Nakey Jakey" style!

Playing with bubbles for the first time.

Playing in the shower...with your clothes on!!!

Finding a door just your size...

Eating the furniture.

Attacking Mom while she is trying to take a picture!

Eating raisins...
And unknowingly getting them stuck on your cheek.

Attacking Mom again while she is trying to take a picture!

Crawling under the high chair first thing in the morning.

Having a green bean goatee.

Just eating "Nakey Jakey" style in general.

Watching "Signing Time" real up close and personal.

Wearing your favorite hat.

Again...eating naked!

Crawling at the speed of light!

And wearing your awesome hat backwards while doing it.

Taking a quick breather.

Getting to play with the spoon and sweet potatoes!

I just love my little man.