Goals for the New Year...

The new year.  A time for reflections.  A time for change.  A time for bettering one's self.  Every year, I think to myself, "I am not doing resolutions this year.  I never stick to them.  So, why bother?"  This year, my attitude has changed.  Everyone knows the best way to stick to your goals is to be held accountable for them.  So I am posting them on my blog for everyone to see.

1. Motherhood
This year, I am dedicating myself to be the best Mom I can be to my little boy.  I am resolving to spend less time on the internet, less time on the TV, and less time on the meaningless tasks I undertake.

2. Early to Bed, Early to Rise
I will get up earlier and go to bed earlier this year.  I know I will be more productive and get more use out of my day if I stick to this goal.  Hopefully up by 7:30, and to bed by 10:30 or 11.

3. Health
You all knew it was coming; however, I would like to focus more on the health aspect of things.  I have given up sugar again and am planning to stick to it indefinitely.  I notice such a huge difference when I stick to this.  Also, I have been working on cutting my portions down as well as eating more fruits and veggies.  Currently, I am in the midst of an 11-Week Healthy Habit Challenge and it is going very well so far.  I feel great and I feel like I have been slightly more productive since starting it.  Of course, I am female, and as such am programmed to be fixated on the number that stares back at me every time I step on the scale; therefore, my goal is to be 40 lbs. lighter.  This would put me at what I remember to be my healthiest weight.  I felt the best when I weighed that much and would like to get there again.  I look forward to this year as one of the healthiest of my life.

4. Study
I am going to learn how to really study the scriptures.   Up until now, I have been just reading and not really learning everything that I could be learning.  Everyday.  No excuses.

5. Pray
Everyday, I resolve to say my personal prayers.  I need that direct line to my Father in Heaven.

6. Read
I have a goal to read a book every month.  The criteria: has to be an educational book or a literary classic.  I hope to eventually be able to really analyze and try to glean more from it than I would by just reading it.

7. Writing
I read my last blog post.  I am slightly embarrassed about the elementary writing I exhibited in that post.  I have always wanted to be an excellent writer, and I used to be a pretty fair one.  However, my skills have been lacking as of late due to the lack of practice.  My long term goal is to eventually write something and have it published...but that is years down the road.  I am still figuring out some short-term goals to lead up to the long-term that is feasible.

8. Projects
I need more things to do.  Many of you are probably laughing at me right now for saying that.  I am a mom now, and soon (once Jake gets into the "moving" stages), I probably won't have as much time on my hands.  My goal is to always be doing something and always developing my skills.  I would love to have a project going on at all times, no matter how long it takes.  My goal is to have at least one day a week that I will be able to work on it.  The purpose for this goal is two-fold:  (1) to be able to learn some new skills and get better at ones I already have and (2) to get to know myself, what I enjoy doing, and to keep me alive.  I don't want to lose myself in being a mom.  I want to be the best mom I can be, but I believe a key to that is to still retain myself in the midst of it.  First project?  Finishing the crib sheets.

9. Dinner
I resolve to make a healthy, home-made dinner at least 5 times a week.  Period end.

10. Baby
I want my children to be no more than two years apart.  I loved having brothers that were close to my age and I want my kids to experience that; therefore, I would like to get pregnant this year.  No sooner than May (and that is definitely pushing it).  Ideally, I would love around August or September, but we will see what the Lord has in store for us.  We will be trying later this year and when we start trying, I would love to be at least 30 lbs. lighter, preferably more.

Long, LONG, Overdue...

Where to start?  I am just going to post some pictures and comment here and there.  It's just been too long!


We had "Rammekin Thanksgiving" this year.  It was just the three of us so we made personal sized dishes of every dinner item on the menu.  Including apple and pumpkin pies (so cute!).

Look at that little lattice top...adorable, right?

In between Thanksgiving and Christmas:

Jake rolled over on December 21st--the day he turned 3 months old.  He rolled first from back to belly and just recently went from belly to back, although he still has some work to do on that direction.  He has been teething forever, but right before we went home for Christmas I felt his bottom left tooth.  It keeps going in and out, but I think any day it will completely cut.  We will see!  Here are a few pictures of Jake in between:

First time in the bumbo...not sure about it...

O yeah.  He likes it. :)


We went home on the 23rd and were able to stay 'til the 2nd.  It was a dream!  Our family, the snow, the cold...heaven.  Jake did great on the plane.  The only time he cried was when he was hungry and I wasn't feeding him fast enough!  We had so much fun with everyone and miss everyone sooooo much.  J's sister and her family were able to come home from Oregon for Christmas.  Jake just loves his cousins and they just love him.  They gave him the nickname of "Polar Bears" and we still call him that now.  I am not going to go into a lot of detail because I don't have time, but to sum it up, it was an awesome first Christmas with Jake, an awesome trip, and amazing people. 
Jake loves his Uncle Nate.

There is Jake (that little gray blob) cuddled up to his cousin, Camrock.

Asleep with Aunt Kylene

Jake's Great Grandma Jewel.  Jake has 4 great grandparents and 1 great-great grandpa still living.  Pretty awesome.

Christmas Eve with Jake and two of his grandmas. :)

Four Generations.   My great grandpa wasn't there that night or else it would've been 5 generations.

Grandma Jewel and Papa Bob.

Jake with his Papa Chris.

Christmas Eve and waiting for Santa to come.

Jake with Grandpa Kim, Christmas Morning.

Passed out after all the Christmas excitement.

The Bear Suit Aunt Kylene knitted Jake for Christmas.  Holy cow...I have to look away.  Too. Much. Cuteness.

"Polar Bears" with his cousins "Camrock" and "Bobba Fett"

Sleeping on Grandma Terry's lap.

Still asleep with Grandma and apparently, he is liking it!  Thumbs up!

Chillin' with "Bobba Fett"

My Great Grandpa Carlton, Jake's Great Great Grandpa.  Pretty special.

Jake with his 2nd cousin Damon.  Only 6 weeks apart.  It's amazing how fast they grow in just 6 weeks!

Jake with Grandma Char :)

Airplane ride with Aunt Kylene!

Jake with Gramama Kim and Great Grandpa Jerry

Jake and Papa Chris with their matching coats.

Jake with Great Aunt Mae.

The next few pictures are Montana.  Mmmm.  I love it.

 After Christmas:
My brother Nate was able to come and visit us for a week and we had a blast.  Jake loves his Uncle Nate...he especially loves to shower him with snot and spit when he sneezes.  Pretty much every single time he would nail Nate with it.  Nate was a good sport though.  We miss having him around.  J and him got to go on a pretty intense hike that Nate said was a lot of fun.  We got to go and visit some friends from Nate's mission who live up in Show Low.  That was great.  I love meeting people from his mission.  Nate was here for my birthday.  We got to go shooting and we went out to dinner with a lot of my friends.  It was a lot of fun.  I will show you what I got for my birthday later... :)  We also got Jake a "walker" thing that he loves to scoot around in.  He has so much fun.  Pretty much...life is just great over here.  Here are some more pictures.  Love you all!

The boys are wearing the outfits that we each got each other.  Didn't plan it...thought it was really funny. :)  This is my birthday dinner at Applebee's.

Duck feet socks Aunt Kylene knitted for him. :)

Jake got sick while we were in Montana.  I had to get a picture of him coughing to document.  It was sad, but he is a trooper!

He he :)

My birthday present.  I am going to get my CCW and then...that's right.  I'll be packin'.