We Elfed it Up!

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I especially love J's "What?! I'm hot!" look he's got goin' on! Hahahaha! And I am "just happy to be there." (as always, right, Jenna?)


O Christmas Tree...

Christmas is my favorite holiday! I love the trees, the smells, the lights (I love twinkle lights), the food, the snow, the cabin, but most of all the family.

We got our Christmas tree! I was so excited...it's beautiful! My sister-in-law helped me put it up and decorate it and yes, it's fake, but everyone who sees it asks if it's real! We still don't have a star to put on top, so we have a red, plastic cup. (I know that sounds funny...but it needed something...it looked so weird up there without anything!) We didn't have a tree last year so this was a most welcomed addition to our Christmas festivities this year!

Isn't it beautiful?! There are other Christmas decorations up that would not be up without my sister-in-law, but I still need to finish it so I will put up pictures when it's finished!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Thanksgiving and All That Ensued...

I had an awesome Thanksgiving! It was so fun to have Jason's sister and her family here for the week. I absolutely adore her children. Little A is the best with our dogs...I loved how she followed them around the house bossing them around! And they loved it too...they don't get near as much attention when she isn't here. She is the sweetest little cuddler. She is just so dang cute I wish I could keep her forever. Little D is way good at playing his Nintendo DS and I love sitting and watching him play. He loves that too. O...and he kicked my butt at Yahtzee. That kid has quite the roll! Little C...no words can describe how much I love that little boy. He is the happiest baby I've ever seen in my life! He just chills and plays and eats! I love it when he eats...he is way messy, but he gets so excited! He waves his little arms up and down and I just love it! I miss all of them and can't wait till we sell the heart-shaped potato on e-bay so they can move here!
Little A and Little DLittle C

During Thanksgiving week, Big J and my hubba bubba built a window seat in our bedroom! I am so excited...I admit, I doubted how good it would look, but it's awesome! We are going to paint it and put curtains and everything up soon so I will post pictures of before and after for you all to see their handywork!

We had a bit of a turkey fiasco on Thanksgiving. We put the 14-lb turkey in the fridge to thaw out by Thursday. All the websites said that would be enough time. Can you see where this is going? We pulled out the turkey to get it ready to bake and...yes...you guessed it...it was still frozen. So we sent our husbands on an expedition to find us a thawed out turkey...on Thanksgiving. Mission Impossible??? Not for our other halves! They found us one, the last one, but it was a plump bird, rounding out at 21 lbs. So all the directions said it would take about 3 to 3 1/2 hours to cook it completely. 6 hours later, we decided to just eat our dinner without the turkey. 3 hours after that, it was cooked. Now, we have about 30 lbs. of left over turkey. Gotta love turkey wraps for the 100th time!

Other than that, Thanksgiving was awesome. We got to see the rest of Jason's family on the webcam in Oregon (excluding Sara and Taylor)! That was really fun! I got to see my other niece and nephews and it made me so much more excited to see them at Christmas time!

Here we are buttering up our little man!
Here is Janessa waiting patiently for the turkey to get done!
Here is our friend Celia helping out in the kitchen!
Craft time! (This is us practicing our "1-2-3 Look Up!" Smile...hence the cheesiness) That's Big J in the background...he is one of the funniest people I know pretty much and he got us new tupperware!!! :D
This is my absolute favorite picture. Uncle J and Little C chillin' after a long day of fun.