My Little Boy...

The title says it all! Our little baby is in fact a boy and we couldn't be more thrilled! (Jason is ESPECIALLY excited the baby is a boy.)

While we were in there, before we find out he was indeed a he, the ultrasound tech showed us his legs and he was just kickin' back with his legs crossed at the ankles. The ultrasound tech commented that the baby was shy, but I know better...my baby is just stubborn. ;) She had to bounce my uterus up and down to get him to move...that was a tad uncomfortable, what with my bladder being fuller than full, but it was well worth it. When she pointed out those o so vital parts for boys to have, I just couldn't stop the tears. I love my little boy so much already, it's amazing.

We are undecided on a middle name, however, we have his first name picked out: Indiana, and we are going to call him "Indy."

So hello my little Indy! We are so excited to have you apart of our family. We love you so much already and are anxiously waiting for when we can hold you in our arms. Grow strong my little man.


O Goodness...

I thought I would be so on top of this blogging thing when I got pregnant...I just knew I would spend every day on here typing out every little detail of my pregnancy.

Ha. So wrong.

I found out that I get tired...a lot. Which you expect, but you don't really expect. Hence, my lack of posts.

Just to start off, me and the baby are doing great! Thanks to a friend who let me borrow a doppler machine that she had, I have been able to listen to my baby's fast woosh-woosh-woosh heartbeat a few times in the last week and a half. That is...well, there are just no words for how awesome it is (awesome totally doesn't cover it)! I have entered my second trimester, have quite a cute baby bump, and am anxiously awaiting all the wonderful things that accompany this trimester-- i.e. feeling my baby move inside of me (woah.), finding out if my baby is a boy or a girl, and giving my baby a name.

I read on one of those baby sites that women usually start feeling their baby move around week 16 (I am a little over 16 weeks), although first time moms don't always feel it that soon as they can mistake it for hunger pangs or gas. So, every time I get gas or feel any kind of anything down there I analyze it to see if it's my baby or not. Each analysis has ended up with me determining that it's just gas (or so I think). I am hoping when I feel it, I feel it, and I know.

As for whether I'm having a boy or a girl, I cannot say. I have no idea either way. When I first found out I was pregnant, I was pretty positive my baby was a girl. Then came my 12 week appointment which led to an ultrasound and I was sure my baby was a boy. Now I go back and forth and therefore, have no idea...and I have to wait till the end of April. I am so not patient enough for that, but I guess I have no other choice.

We would be able to find out the middle of April, but I will be in Montana during those weeks (insert huge exclamation of joy and glee here)! I am so excited to go home and see my family and show my bump off (not to mention eat some of that Taco John's I have been craving so insanely). This could be the only time we go home this year, unless we decide to make the trek home for Christmas with our brand new baby (that is still so unbelievable). I am excited to get a reprieve from the heat already setting in. I will be heading home a week earlier than J, and then he will be joining me for a week, so I get two, two, weeks at home.

My husband has been awesome during these past few months...putting up with my tiredness and lack of cleanliness as I found I have no energy to clean my house if I clean my self and vice versa. I just love him so much and know he loves me and the baby we have created together.

Overall, life is one big blessing over here. Yes, we have our trials, but knowing Heavenly Father's plan just makes life better, makes it easier to smile when things are hard and to feel at peace when the whole world seems to be falling apart all around you. I love the gospel and I am so grateful to know that my baby and my husband are sealed to me forever. I get to keep them forever, and that is such a precious truth to me.

I will try to post pictures later...we all know how awesome I am at that, but I have some cute bump pictures I want to share! Love you all!