I Will Survive...

I did it. No sugar over Thanksgiving...AND...no gluten. I thought it was impossible. But it's not.

I survived because my mother-in-law is an angel who cooked things I could eat...but who especially figured out the amazing gluten-free pie crust to go with my sugar free pumpkin pie. I am in heaven. (AND no one else ate it so I have EXTRA left overs! Yay!)

A lot happened this week with our dear puppy, Sabra. I will do a whole blog post about that later when the craziness cools down a bit.

Also...It is now the "most wonderful time of the year," and I am stoked. So here is a little diddy to get you excited about the Christmas season.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
(Sorry...it won't let me embed, this link will have to do)


Pulled An All Nighter...

Why? Because my love went camping, and I am home alone.

I remember the first time I slept in the same bed with J, I knew I could never go back to sleeping alone, and I pretty much haven't. Every time he goes camping, and I'm at home alone, I don't really sleep. Occasionally, I'll have the 1 hour nap in between, but the minute I wake up from that little "cat nap," I'm awake and alert. No cat nap tonight though.

My lids are heavy. I know what that expression means now. You never know you can love a person this much until it happens. And the amazing part about it all, is that when it does happen, your love still grows, and grows, and grows.

I miss him. I just worry all the time too. All the what-ifs. I am queen at what-ifs. But I'm not complaining...I hope I don't sound like I am. I am so grateful to have someone to worry about, and that I have someone to miss. He's my favorite. My Forever.


Day 3 &4, etc....

Yesterday was great. I don't think I am even going to be updating every day on progress now because it really hasn't been that difficult of a transition. I am fine and I feel great!

I am hungry though so I am signing off.


Day 2...

Getting off gluten is so much easier than getting off sugar. I am doing great! And I had vast amounts of energy today, which is always awesome. But it is late and I am tired and I am wanting to curl up with my honey and watch some office! Night all.


A New Adventure...

I've been really successful at this no sugar thing, and continue to be really successful I believe. I haven't cheated once. I haven't looked back. Yes, I've craved, drooled, and dreamed about sugar, but never questioned why I was doing this and never wished that I hadn't started it. With my success has come a down side. I have definitely felt an increase in energy, I feel a little healthier, etc. Quitting sugar was never about losing weight, but it was an upside I was looking forward to. I know I am not fat, but I am not at the healthiest weight I could be, and healthy is my goal. After over 2 months, I've not lost weight, but gained it. I've kept my portions in check and I've tried not to over-do it on the salty, fatty foods (and I think I've been fairly successful at this), I drink over 8 glasses of water ever day, and I exercise almost every day. This has been really frustrating to not accomplish this part of my goal.

I was talking to my Mom about my frustrations on Saturday, telling her everything that was going on with me (weight gain, along with other symptoms that I've been experiencing) and she validated me and then said, "We'll have to pray about it." My Mom was talking to a friend at church yesterday and her friend brought up a thing called Celiac Disease, which has to do with gluten intolerance. We googled it and a lot of my symptoms (including infertility) are the same. After Mom brought this up, I remember all the readings my mother-in-law has given me for essential oils, and one of the things that came up at least a couple of times was to not eat Gluten.

Now, I may not have this certain disease, but, if not eating gluten is a way to get rid of some of these symptoms, then I am going to give it a try. This could be the answer to several of my prayers and I am excited to try. Thanks to my quitting sugar, I know that I can get rid of gluten. I know I can do something hard if I just try, keep in mind why I am doing this, and pray, a lot. Definitely couldn't have given up sugar without relying heavily on my Heavenly Father.

So today is Day 1, and I've been successful thus far. I will continue to not eat sugar...I don't even want it anymore. I will probably be posting my successes daily until it gets easier, as I did with sugar. It helped to kind of be held accountable. If any of you have an good gluten-free recipes, I would greatly appreciate them!



Is the age my older brother turned today! Happy birthday, Nate!

This is the first birthday he's been home since his 19th birthday (that mission will do that you know) and I don't think my mom could be any happier.

He was the cutest little kid...like me. (I was pretty cute myself...hmmm, we must be related!)

(Nate top right, me bottom left)

And now, Nate has grown up to be devilishly handsome. I mean really. We got a good lookin' family (thanks Mom and Dad).

Nate is awesome at everything...it takes him probably about 2 minutes to master something. He is pro at skateboarding, snowboarding, basically anything with a board, he rock climbs, he shoots guns and bow & arrows, etc. Basically a master at anything physical...which is so the opposite of me. Pretty sure he sucked the gene pool dry of all athleticism.

Nate enjoys a good mud fight...as illustrated in the following pictures.




He is one of those people that when you get him in any way (prank, joke, wrestle match, etc.), he will get you back twice as big and twice as hard. No mercy. I've avoided getting into any prank battles with him since the Shaving Cream war of '03. Bad news.

Grandma Char calls him "Nate the Great." And indeed he is.


A Surprising Addiction...

I look at the clock every 5 minutes. "Is it time yet?" I ask myself. No. Ugh.

Why does time travel so slow when you are waiting for something awesome to happen?

Awhile back we tried watching "The Office." We shut it off, disappointed after the first 3 episodes. Michael Scott was just way too awkward...I buried my face in my pillow about 20 times an episode trying to escape the awkwardness. I told this to a friend who likes said show. She gave me advice I would never forget, "Stick it out. It's like the best love story ever." So I did. J and I recommenced watching "The Office." And for the past 3 nights, we've watched "The Office" till 1:30 in the morning. I'm addicted! I can't handle not knowing what will happen next. We are currently in like episode 4 or 5 in the 3rd season.

Thankfully, Michael Scott awkward moments are down to about 3 to 4 "face buries" in one episode, and I am actually even enjoying him as a character. My favorite two characters? For those of you who've seen it, do you really need to ask? Pam and Jim. Hands down.

So now I am waiting for J to get done with work so we can start our marathon tonight (he would kill me if I watched it without him).

And time just keep ticking slower, and slower, and slower.

Right Now...

I am baking a sugarless pumpkin pie. And I am so excited to eat it. My friend K Slice gave me this recipe and it's been a big blessing and a beacon of hope for resisting sugar in the upcoming holiday season. But guess what...it's not even pumpkin either! Would you be able to tell the difference between this pie and real pumpkin pie, sugar and all? No. You wouldn't. J wasn't able to anyways...

You can make it out of real pumpkin, if you like, but K Slice makes it from Butternut Squash and Sweet Potatoes. The sweet potatoes gives it a little boost of natural sweetness and I believe the squash helps with the consistency, but whatever the real reason it's for doesn't matter...because it's amazing. Thanksgiving at my house will be a joyous event. (Don't worry sugar eaters...I will be making real pumpkin pie (sugar & pumpkin) as well!) K Slice also has a recipe for Apple Crisp...that will be our next adventure.

You substitute Honey for the Sugar in the pie and this sparked my curiosity about the substitution ratio between sugar and honey, so I looked up the rules! And...it is amazing. I made whole wheat, sugarless banana muffins the other day that were awesome. You couldn't even tell it was honey rather than sugar. Yes.

8 weeks strong as of tomorrow and life is still good in no-sugar land. I feel fantastic. I have decided that this will continue for at least a year, but every time I think about going back to sugar, I cringe. Maybe it will go on forever.