BYU Devotional

We saw this video on Sunday in Relief Society and I absolutely love it. I wanted to share it with all of you because it is just so dead on. It reminds me of the simple, yet important things and I just love it. Anyways...here it is:

BYU Devotional Elder F. Enzio Busche


The people have spoken...

And with an overwhelming 80% of the readers saying "CUT IT!" So today is the day folks. It's time to say good bye to my long flowing locks and say hello to sassy (not too short) short-ness! Hahaha...Jason's not too stoked! Thanks for your participation and comments and advice!

Love you!


My dilemma...

Ok...so I do this thing where I get pretty dang crazy with my hair. Like, I either have to dye it, or I cut it...drastically. I am moving into one of these crazy phases and I am getting the itch to cut it this time. I just feel so boring...blah. All the time the same thing. So my dear friends, I was wondering whether I should cut it short (by short I mean a little above my shoulders--with layers) or leave it long and just try to find a different long cut. Plus, dear reader, I am also dying my hair--but it's just going to be a little darker to even out my color...no new crazy things there. Shorter would bring my hair to a healthier level of healthiness, but I do think I would miss my long hair, although change is fun, but change is scary sometimes and Jason is all for leaving it long! You see my problems...so, to the right you will find a poll...I ask you to please choose whichever answer you think best!

Here are some examples of longer hair cuts that are different than mine:

Here are some examples of the shorter cuts:

Disclaimer: Don't worry...I know if I request one of these haircuts, I won't look like these women, but it's just the general idea.

If there is one that you like more than another, please comment me and tell me which one! :D