The Birthday Boy...

My lover turned 29 today! It's his GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!!! Woo woo!!!

I am SO excited it's his birthday today because I said, "Jason. It's your birthday. You can't work." So I have had a day with him all to myself! This morning we slept in and I made him his currently favorite breakfast of corn waffles, eggs, and bacon, complete with orange juice for a balanced breakfast.

Then we went and looked at model homes. J loves to do this with me...and I am fond of it as well. We like to look through them and get ideas for what we want our dream house to be like. My hubby is a dreamer...and I ADORE that about him.

We then went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and bought a banana hanger, a Misto, and a toaster! We haven't had a toaster since we moved here and J decided it was finally time to give in. I am excited because the toaster oven tends to produce very dry toast.

When we got home we went for the first swim of the season in our pool! It was a little chilly at first, but we got used to it. J tried to teach Sabra how to swim today...she was pretty scared at first, but became calm later. She probably won't go in on her own for awhile, but J made some good progress and got some good scratches to prove it.

I think later on, we are going to go out to dinner with some friends to eat and play some pool. Not sure, but I think that's the plan!

Here is a picture tribute to my love and all the craziness, fun, and awesomeness he is:

J LOVES snowboarding! He is amazing at it! My friend saw him on the Mountain one time and said he blew her mind away. Yep...he's mine.
This is him too...no lie. He can really do that, and that my friends, is hot.

This is another one to exhibit is craziness...he has done everything from skydiving to hanggliding, to bungee jumping, etc. I don't know what he hasn't done honestly. O, and did I mention Train-Hopping??
Because of his craziness and having no inhibitions, he tends to injure himself occasionally. This never stops him from going out and doing it again. I LOVE that about it him.Look at that cute smile. O man.
Cliff jumpingTight-Rope Walking...yep...I told you he's done everything!
For our first Valentine's Day he took me Dog Sledding. If he hadn't stolen my heart on the first date, I think this would've sealed the deal. ;)

I am SO grateful that J was born 29 years ago and came into my life. I don't know what I did to deserve him. I love you, baby! Happy 29th! :D
P.S.--Did I mention what an INCREDIBLE dancer he is? :D


A Great Discovery...

It rained in Arizona the day before Easter...I WAS SO EXCITED! So J and I decided that the only logical thing to do would be to get on our rain clothes and slosh around in the mud puddles! We put the dogs on their leashes, I put my very adorable rain boots and jacket on and we headed out to find some big puddles (we reminded me of Roger and Anita on 101 Dalmatians...it was really cute).

I decided puddles in Arizona are a little sketchy. They are DARK and you don't know how deep they are, which is fun in any normal area, but not in Arizona--reason being, you never know if there will be some weird snake/lizard thing lurking in the water waiting to attack. Upon thinking that thought, I decided not to jump into anymore dark ones.

Whilst we were on our walk, I thought of this great gravel pit that my friend had showed me while her and I were on a walk. So I decided to show Jason this great discovery! He was stoked on it...I could see the steam exiting his ears as his hamster ran double-time. We decided it would be fun to go play in the mud and to enlist more people to join us. So we walked over to our friend's house and invited them to come play in the mud with us! We enlisted one (Mr. F) of the two, and their dog.

It was SO fun! The dogs LOVED it too--a huge open area to run around in and get dirty. There was a huge mud lake that some ducks were swimming on and Riley decided she wanted those ducks...so she jumped in. It was pretty funny watching her yip and chase those ducks. We eventually got her out and continued to explore. Mr. F's puppy got stuck in the mud--I felt bad for her because her knee is busted, and I imagine struggling to get out of mud would be pretty painful on a busted knee. We have plans to go back and possibly try sledding down the conveyor belt, etc.
Mud Lake where Riley chased the ducks
Riley after chasing the ducks
More views of the Pit...the road is where those trees at the right are...this pit is DEEP
J and Mr. F
Christmas Card picture anyone?? ; )
Me and my best friend

All in all it was a BLAST and we can't wait to go back. I am so glad I married someone who loves to do stuff like this! Sometimes I feel like I am a kid again and I am having a sleepover with my best friend that never ends.


The New Haircut...

K guys...sorry it has taken SO long to post pictures of this, but here you are! My new hair cut...I regret it a smidge, but at the same time I don't because my hair was not healthy and needed a fresh start. I miss my long locks, but am happy that I can now put my hair up without getting an instant headache and as the heat is increasing, I am even more happy because that's less hair to hold in the heat! My hair will grow back soon (which I am looking forward to) so all is well!

She said it was 8-9 inches!!! My hair has already grown about 3/4" so it's a titch bit longer now!

Wuv...Twu wuv...

O man...I LOVE the holiday of LOVE! It is just such a great time to express my love to my one and only. Ever since our first date I have been head over heels in love with him. I think in Bambi it is referred to as being "Twitterpated."
I am so grateful for my loving husband. He would do anything for me and the best part about that is that I KNOW it. He shows me how much he loves me daily by working his tail off so I can have a roof to live under and food to eat. He tells me he loves me all the time and he listens. We have SO MUCH FUN together! Even when we are just in the office working, we still can goof off and laugh and enjoy each other. He is the only man in the world that I ever would have picked to be my eternal companion and I am so grateful he picked me. Out of everyone he could have picked in all his years of looking, he chose me. I am blessed beyond reason to know he will be mine forever.This Valentine's day my mother-in-law was in town! We had a lot of fun! We went to Olive Garden and Jason bought lunch for Mom and me! We had a lot of fun. Later that night, Jason and I went to the church "dance" and hung out with some great people in the ward. We left soon after with our friends, the Fosters, and went Swing Dancing!!! It was a BLAST!!! :D

This was taken at the Church before we went dancing.

Jason surprised me with my first facial ever as well as roses---I think TWO DOZEN with beautiful tulips mixed in---one for every year we have known each other. He is such a romantic. I scored when I married him...BIG time.I love you, baby! You are the best EVER!!!! :D

The Motel...

My husband, my in-laws, and myself own a motel in Heber City, Utah. It's been quite an experience. I am grateful for the income it brings in, but it's a pain in the butt. We went there shortly after Christmas--early part of January--and decided to fix up a couple of rooms and do some other maintenance things with the buildings. We only had about 4 days--one of those days was planning/shopping, the next was painting, the next day, I got sick and left my mother-in-law to finish all of the painting (I felt so bad for her...I will never eat at that restaurant again...gross!), and the last day was finishing up the final touches. Here are some pictures of after...we don't have pictures of before, but you aren't missing out on anythinge except nicotine stains dripping down the walls, disgusting carpet, disgusting bathroom shots, and gross furniture.

The "Double" redone--the "Single" looks much like this--same paint color and same color bedding!
Me and Riley takin' a break outside on the way up there!

Right before heading to the restaurant... BLECH!!! *shivers*
(If you look closely you will see the oil-based primer stained onto my fingers and in my hair--we accidentally picked up the wrong kind! Oops!)

I am so glad my Mom and Dad #2 were there to help with it all! They were troopers...especially when I bailed for the day! Love you guys!

Where to Begin...

O my...it has been much much too long. I have SO many months to catch up on! OK...so we will begin with Christmas and depending on how long it takes to catch up on that, I may just make this it's own post!

Christmas in Montana was a TON of fun! We got to see our families and play with our adorable niece and nephews. A few highlights in pictures:

My adorable mother and father--Dad got Mom an ice-fishing pole! She loves anything pink so this was a big hit!
My lover and his cool new GPS present!

My Grandma Jewel and Papa Bob's house (Dad's side) for Christmas Eve festivities! Grandma Char (Mom's side) celebrated with us that night too! :D

Christmas Eve Dinner with the Moss-side of the Family! YUM!
Who knew Optimus Prime was a Shepherd back in the day?? I sure didn't...

My hubby teaching our nephew Bobba-Fett the art of sword fighting with a vacuum attachment! He is going to be such a good Dad someday!

The LOOT! That stocking is almost as big as Nutmeg!!! :D
Camrock reading is new book!
The Cabin...oh how I miss it up there! I didn't get to go this Christmas, but we will be going soon! :D

We are so blessed to be able to see our family often and to be able to go back home often as well. We love our family and are so grateful we got to see you all!