A Plea for Help...

I have hit frump city.  Slump town.  Whatever you wanna call it.  I may as well be the mayor of both places. Every morning I wake up, look at the clothes in my closet, and decide to wear yesterday's make up, a messy bun, and sweatpants (I rarely bother with shirts anymore).  Working at home, this doesn't pose a problem for the outside world (poor J has to deal with it though).  But I can't help but feel like I am 50 lbs. heavier and 20 years older than I actually am.  So...I need help.

I am in need of a bit of a make over.  I am planning on doing some shopping to revamp my wardrobe a bit (namely getting attractive pieces that fit my post-pregnancy body that I am coming to love).  I also need some hair idea.  I do not want to take off length, but I need styling ideas or other such things.

Help?  Please.  You are my (actually mine and J's) last hope.


Miracle Diet...

I am sitting here, typing this, 8 pounds lighter than I was last week.  "How?!"  I am sure is the question that is on everyone's mind.  Well, let me tell you.  It's a little thing I like to call...the stomach flu.

Round 1:

It's Wednesday morning, 6 am (Jake has been torturing me with a 6 am wake up call the past few days).  I roll out of bed to go get my baby, but have to switch directions.  "O crap!  I can't be sick, I can't be sick, I can't be sick.  We leave tonight!"  In case you haven't figured out my luck, this would happen.  {Enter toilet}
Frantic about how much stuff we have to do (pack, work, DRIVE over night) I complain to Jason for a good hour and stress myself out even more (like that ever has helped anyone in the history of the world).  11 o'clock rolls around and I am done.  I wasn't getting any work done between going to the bathroom every 15 minutes and complaining about it all, I wasn't getting packed, etc.  After one final trip to the bathroom I ask J for a blessing. {Enter miracle}  I don't get sick the rest of the day.  Still nauseous, still threatening to have to use that cursed toilet again, but don't.  I make it through the long night of driving (or riding rather...I think I drove the last two hours).  We arrive in Utah where food somewhat repulses me, but I eat anyways and still feel nauseous for the duration of the weekend.  Luckily, I have many wonderful distractions to keep my mind off of it (baby shower, seeing family I haven't seen in a long time, watching my sister in law and brother in law get sealed, etc.).  Unfortunately, J gets sick Thursday night.  Luckily, it only lasts the night, but Jake happens to cry the entire night in the hotel.  Up all night and becoming increasingly frustrated, I am still trying to recover from being sick with almost no sleep (you try sleeping in a tiny Toyota Corolla stuffed to the brim and tell me how successful you are).  After it all, we survive and make it home after a ROUGH night of traveling with now four adults and a baby in the Toyota Corolla (J's parents came to visit after).  (Did I mention I got a lovely visit from that "Friend" that visits once a month when you're not nursing?  Even though I still am...?)

Round 2:
The sickness is passed around and around and around.  J's mom gets it the worst the day after getting home from Utah.  She is in bed all day with my little nephew who has also gotten it.  Tuesday morning rolls around.  {Enter toilet, bed, and "Gone With the Wind"}  6 days later, 8 pounds lighter, stomach half the size, and finally getting to the point where I can look at food the same way again, I have survived.  Somewhat in tact, and with 8 more gray hairs than I started out with. (Did I mention I was stressed??)

I am pretty sure I haven't had a more stressful trip in my entire life.  But it was a good trip...for the most part.  It was wonderful going back to the temple where I was sealed, and meant so much more now that we have Jake.  I learned a lot from the Sealer that was performing my SIL's sealing and I despite being crazy sick, I am so glad we were able to go and partake in the spirit of the weekend.

Spring is in the air.  I feel silly saying that because you'd think Spring would have withered and died in the 90+ degree weather we have been experiencing.  And actually, when you step outside, that is exactly what it feels like.  But if I don't go outside, and I sit under the fan, and I just look outside, I can pretend it's 50-55 degrees out and that in some places other than my back yard, the snow is melting and there aren't lizards in the back yard.  (Or dead in my house, courtesy of one of my speedy puppies.) 
Two of the four pictures taken by us this trip:

I hope everyone's Easter was wonderful.  Mine was full of reflection, peace, and joy.  Here's why.

P.S. "Gone With the Wind" was a serious waste of almost 4 hours of my life.  Not a fan.